September 8, 2016

Body & Massage

Young woman having massage on spa treatment

Back massage (30 minutes) £20

45 minute back massage £27

Full body massage £40

Pregnancy Massage
Duration – From 45 min to 1hr15 min
Price – From £30 to £45

Treatment Overview – Massage in pregnancy is an effective way to ease out physical aches and pains as well as soothing stress and anxiety. Pregnancy is wonderful but it can be tough at times. If your shoulders are sore, you’re back aching or your legs feeling heavy and tired, then massage may be just the treatment you need.

You may be wondering how massage can be possible with your bump? Our therapist is trained in side lying massage techniques so you and your baby are both very comfortable. You can choose between a full body massage and a back massage; it’s completely up to you.

Pregnancy is a special time and you deserve to feel great and have a positive pregnancy. What better time to enjoy a wonderful relaxing massage? Many women, however, are anxious about treatments while pregnant but at Serenity All Round, you can be confident as our therapist is trained and experienced in working with maternity clients.

Following professional advice, we do not begin treatments until after your first scan at around 12 weeks. Midwives support complementary therapies in pregnancy and it is important that they be informed before you begin your treatments.

Maternity back massage
Price – £30
Duration – 45 minutes
Treatment Overview – Treat yourself to a relaxing back massage. Trained in side lying massage techniques.

Maternity full body massage
Price – £45
Duration – 1hr 15min
Treatment Overview – Enjoy a blissful relaxing massage to help you enjoy a more positive pregnancy.

Full indemnity, consent and medical history documents to be completed prior to any treatment carried out on pregnant women at any stage of pregnancy. It is responsibility of the customer to inform the therapist if pregnant or suspected to be pregnant.

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This is just a polite notice to ask all our clients that if you are not able to attend your appointment then if you could please cancel it as soon as possible.  We do not want to charge for people not attending and not cancelling their appointments but missed appointments are a loss of earnings for us and as a small business it does make a big difference. We just ask that you simply ring to cancel your appointments so we may offer it to another client. Many thanks.